Trump may seek retribution using executive powers if he returns

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    Donald Trump has consistently made statements that provoke controversy, but his recent statements about misusing power in the White House are receiving particular scrutiny. As the Republican presidential front for the 2024 election, Trump has often spoken disparagingly of rival candidates he considers vermin, promising revenge if elected for what he perceives as politically motivated prosecutions against him during his first term.


    Sean Hannity of Fox News Channel in Iowa hosted a town hall-style event where Hannity asked Donald Trump two times whether he would use his executive powers to exact revenge against political rivals if elected again, to which he refused to rule out. Trump has come under increasing Democratic criticism due to his authoritarian rhetoric, and many worry he could turn America into an autocracy.


    Trump tells Fox News he won’t be a “dictator” — “except on day one”


    Republican front-runner Donald Trump's unsettling rhetoric has drawn parallels to Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini - two dictators against whom many American veterans fought during World War II. Recently, reports surfaced suggesting he was creating blueprints on weaponizing government and gutting civil service during his second term; New York University historian Ruth Ben-Ghiat joined Amna Nawaz to explore these risks as he may misuse his authority.


    Trump recently refused to rule out using executive powers to go after political opponents if he returned to the White House. He suggested that unleashing federal prosecutors against his critics would be fair and just. Such statements represent a striking departure from America's foundational principle that all citizens, including politicians and even presidents, are equal under the law.


    Trump's conduct, both during his two trials and two impeachments, has been seen by experts of all political stripes as dangerously escalating and could threaten democracy in America.


    Trump used his Ankeny speech on Tuesday to raise voter fraud concerns by recalling past allegations against Democrats for "stealing elections" in cities like Detroit and Atlanta. He encouraged voters to "guard their vote" for the 2024 elections by watching every vote cast "watch those votes closely." Likewise, Trump once more attacked the media as being the enemy of the people, likening their tactics to that of Hitler's Nazi Germany.